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Bang on a Can Marathon in Philadelphia

To all my Philadelphia friends, come join us at the first ever Philadelphia Marathon at World Café Live. This promises to be a spectacle with tons of great music.

I’ll be playing Annie Gosfield‘s Lost Signals and Drifting Satellites for Solo Violin and ‘Tape’ during the 4-6 slot, and then joining the Bang on a Can All-Stars for our Kyaw-Kyaw Naing set later in the evening. Of course I’ll be there all day so come say hi!

All the details are here:


Carbon Dance Theatre in Philadelphia

Working inside of a dance-scoring paradigm is one of my favorite ways to compose.  The needs of a collaborating choreographer are easily negotiable using Ableton Live (my software of choice) and the real-time nature of the continually evolving landscape is endlessly engaging as I get to really play with the dancers and dig way into the movement.

The last two weeks have been spent in Philadelphia with choreographer Meredith Rainey and his dancers inside of Drexel University’s Mandell Theater Dance Studio.  Together with his company co-director, Sun Mi Cho, Meredith put together a smaller work to show to funders and invited guests which drew its inspiration from Rorschach ink-blots.  I wrote the music, and Luke Du Bois designed and produced some gorgeous interactive video to amplify the choreography.  (Before you click away, do check out Luke’s year-long project, just completed,  of a composition a day.)

Video will follow, but to start with, this short three minute clip below is full of live material from from the showings.  Hopefully we’ll expand this into a much longer piece.  Thanks to the Pew foundation for its funding of this initial work.


Étretat, and a reminder of my old SLR.


I used to take pictures… like, I really wanted to be a good photographer, like, when I was 18. My parents took me on my first tour to Europe in 1980, and somehow I had enough money saved up to buy a nice Nikon SLR, my first. Who knows from model numbers back then, but I loved it. On our first trip, I shot 21 rolls of 36 exposures which still exist as some nice slides back home.

Two years later, my camera was lifted, one way or another, and I’ve been limping along on point ‘n’ shoots ever since. Until now.

A Pentax K10D from B &H has been a great choice for me to recut my teeth, and I’m lovin’ it. France was an excellent opportunity to reawaken the eyes – I’m so used to focusing on audio that it’s really nice to focus on an image for a change… There are plenty of photos on my own flickr site, but even more importantly, we decided to start a photo pool to collect everyone’s photos, so if you like, you can see exponential amounts of photographic accounts of the tour. Link below.

Steve Reich and The Cave are touring France.

Caen, France

Here begins the blogging of 10 days of Butter-filled, Pastry-laden music-making in France, but a week late… so read this like it was november 10th, okay? and I won’t bore you with 10 blog entries either, since I’m so late… but hey, we were BUSY..

“We arrived today via Air France on a completely uneventful flight, thank god, and we’re rehearsing already. This is Alan Pierson’s (Alarm Will Sound) first time conducting the band, and he’s already taking grief from the usual suspects (read: me), but every 2 and 4 and 3 and 9/8 is in place. Not a big surprise, but a huge welcome.

In food news, our first meal at Cafe Iranien across the street from the hotel was scrumptious, a moussaka both meat-filled and vegetarian, and some wonderful fresh mint tea. We’ll be headin’ back after the 3rd act which will probably bring us to 11 pm. Tomorrow morning is off, plenty of time for me to head out for a LONG walk with my camera… which I reckon I’ll be doin’ EVERY day. ” (and I did too)

Dhafer Youssef – an electric night of Tunisian-born Soul

Dhafer Youssef and Satoshi Takeishi

Singer, Oud-master and composer Dhafer Youssef and percussionist Satoshi Takeishi in soundcheck at the Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN

If you’re in New York on Sunday night, the 30th of October, please consider coming out to join us at Joe’s Pub. The joy you’ll feel is palpable and not-to-be-missed.

I’m smack in the middle of a tour with my new colleague, and now one of my most respected musician-friends, Dhafer Youssef. We’re here in Bloomington, Indiana, at the Lotus Festival with quickly accruing rewards in the shape of great music-making with some of my OTHER favorite musicians as well. Mark Helias, on bass, one of New York’s veteran improvisors, Satoshi Takeishi playing his self-designed drum kit on the floor as usual, and providing so much of the spirit of the band, and a string trio of  on violin, and another partner in crime, Caleb Burhans on viola. Daisy is a recent New Yorker of UK origin and a member of Triology, who has been touring (especially Europe) for a very long time, and Caleb, of course, is from Alarm Will Sound, the ultimate multi-instrumentalist in our scene, and a composer to boot. Meeting and playing with Daisy has been a gift, and the three of us together have quickly found a way to play intimately together, just a fantastic pleasure. Add to all of that Kronos Quartet soundman Brian Mohr, and you’ve got a recipe for a great experience onstage.

Tour is just too much fun...

See the newsletter for dates, (and for links of all the artists mentioned above) If you don’t receive it, for goodness sakes, get on the list!

One review now in from the Walker in Minnesota (see below), which, by the way, remains the most welcoming, friendly, and artist-conscious venue of all. Philip Bither and Michelle Steinwald showed us the best time and took care of us impeccably. Never a requirement to have such wonderful hospitality, but it no doubt inspires a great performance. A better ‘first-gig out’ we couldn’t ask for, with a warm Minneapolis audience who brought us back to play a couple of extra tunes. A special shout-out to Michelle and Margo who got on a plane from Montana at 6 am to make the show that night! We’re honored to be at the Walker, for me it has always been a place almost defines ‘art to watch carefully’, so perhaps it bodes well for Dhafer that this was his first concert of his own band, his own music, in America. Here’s to many more…

Tonight is our second show at LOTUS world music festival, and tomorrow back to New York and Joe’s Pub at 9.30 pm.

Read a review of the Walker Concert

Check out the Joe’s Pub stats and listen to Dhafer.

above photo from left, Satoshi Takeishi, Dhafer Youssef, Brian Mohr, Mark Helias, Caleb Burhans, Daisy Jopling. Photographer, yours truly.

Still Life With Mic @ The Southern Theater, MN

Luke and I are about to go onstage for the second night of Still Life With Microphone :: A View from the Microscope. Last night was the unveiling of the latest installation of Still Life, commissioned by the Southern Theater and the Jerome Foundation for Electric Eyes, the new festival of electronically inspired art here in Minneapolis. Do check out the details here.

For those of you who were in attendance and are visiting for the first time, welcome to the site, the URL’s and credits  are included below in exactly the format that made’em crawl…

0, still life with microphone: a view from the microscope has been brought
to you by;
3, the jerome foundation and the southern theater.;
6, a few details we’d like you to know:;
9, if you’ve been thinking of an ice cream truck and can’t stop;
12, it’s not just in your head:;
15, rock droppings courtesy of the negative space of the new york public
18, rocks thrown by paul de jong. paul appears courtesy of the books:;
24, crosstown traffic: a fifteen-minute stretch of the jimi hendrix
28, commissioned for vbrooklyn 2006:;
29, archival footage provided by rick prelinger:;
31, the bit where todd was babbling in hexadecimal was not entirely
37, todd smoked his last cigarette on may 11th 1999 at 3:30 in the
afternoon. no joke.;
39, don’t worry. you don’t have to remember all of that.;
40, you can find it all at;
43, thank you to: the crew at the southern\, mary ellen childs\, the
jerome foundation\, the southern theater\,;
44, doug geers\, and the electronic music studios at the university of
52, we’d love for you to join our mailing list. please sign up in the
lobby so we can keep in touch.;
57, all things todd reynolds:;
60, some stuff by r. luke dubois:;
63, hang out with michael o’brien:;

End of Tour

Pics of tour on the flickr links to the right, but…

the last show in seattle was a BLAST., and the audiences in every city were amazing… Thank you all for your generosity and your listening… A warmer welcome on my first time solo to some of these cities would not be possible.  EP’s flew off the table, sold out one show ahead of the end. The Books’ DVD’s also are going like hotcakes, but thankfully you can order them, along with Oven Mitts and Posters off their site. The Books have gone on to Minnesota and Chicago and New York, we’ll hook up again in a week in Massachussetts in a few days. Pictured below, Nick with a really wonderful hand-painted sign from a fan. I forget where we picked it up, but we celebrated it and carried it all over the nation. It says…

well, I made it big enough so that you can read it.

Watch The Books

Rather Watch The Books