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KPFK 1 and Da Mobile Rig

The Rig \'in the wild\' at Rattlesnake Park on the LA River

The Rig as seen in the wild at Rattlesnake Park on the LA River

WHEW!  John Schneider of KPFK here in Los Angeles called me just yesterday to confirm a spot on his very popular Global Village program on air this morning.  I just got to the studio after pretty much the funnest interview ever… I’ve done aplenty, but this man does rock the house in the interview department.  (and yes, I just like saying funnest, I know how off the english charts I am here.) We covered a whole bunch of stuff, and, last minute, even worked it out to play live… had a great time.  I’ll post a link as soon as its archived just in case you’re looking for ipod fodder. Thanks John!

For those of you tuning in for the first time to the blog, I hope you got here by the main site which is perenially under construction, we’ll get it right soon, though.  Do subscribe the blog and/or mailing list while you’re here though, over to the right of the page.

The pic is of the Mobile Rig or ‘The Todd’ as they call it here at JonSound, designed by Jon Gottlieb and Pablo Molina.  All the stuff I shipped or brought from the east, racked up and ready for battle.  More about that and TaskForce soon, just wanted to say hi and greet any new readers! Feel free to say hi back in the comments.  See you at Banning’s Center or FarmLab, or on the River!!!! (gotta go write some more music now.)


A nice article in my “2nd-home”-town newspaper… um… webzine.

Jennifer Thomas interviewed me for a lovely article regarding the Eye to Ear Lecture Series last week.  Thanks Jennifer!

See it here if you’d like.

Featured Artist on Ableton’s website

It’s no secret that my main software of choice is Ableton LiveAND that I teach it everywhere I goAND that it’s my main performance tool.It is, however, no longer a secret to Ableton,AND it’s a great pleasure to be sittin’ on their website alongside of Maestro Townshend.Cuz that simply rocks.Ableton now has a student discount, so students and faculty look that up here.

The Stone (and review of Claudia Quintet as well)

So great to see all of you at The Stone! What a great little pre-birthday celebration, thanks to Michael Lowenstern, Luke DuBois, and especially Iva Bittova for coming out to play in my little sandbox. Forgot, of course, to record it, and to put my mailing list out, so do sign up on my normal website or the myspace page to be included in upcoming mailings. Today’s “website update day”, and “fall season reflection day”, so much comin’ atcha today and tomorrow.

Darcy James Argue wrote us up on his blog (which I heartily recommend staying in touch with ANYway), and you can view that post right here. You also get to read what you missed with John Hollenbeck’s Claudia Quintet. (which, sadly, I missed too with too much gear to schlep)

Next time we see you in the city is toward the very end of September with Dhafer Youssef, but more about that in another post… That’s it for the 8th. Thanks for a great first night at The Stone, my good friends.

We like Robin Cox… and

The Santa Barbara Independent likes Robin Cox and OuterboroughThe Robin Cox Ensemble has presented Outerborough several times in the past month or so.  To Robin, thanks for the inclusion, to his audience, thanks for the listening!  Click on the text below for the complete review of the concert featuring one of our favorite ‘Newer Music’ violinists.

“In a gesture of continuity, Cox also reprised Outerborough, an audio-video piece presented by N.Y.C. violinist Todd Reynolds in his Iridian-sponsored concert at CAF in January. Bill Morrison’s beguiling twin-screen visual of 1899 film footage, tracing the hypnotic progress of a tram over the Brooklyn Bridge, was the sensory seed for Reynolds’ piece. Its enigmatic mix of live and taped layered violins — plus the occasional kick drum thud — naturally reminds us of Steve Reich’s Different Trains, but is yet again a different minimalist-train song in which the dualities of vintage/modern technologies and synchronous motion take us on a heady little trip.”  May 3rd -Josef Woodard, Santa Barbara Independent