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Featured Artist on Ableton’s website

It’s no secret that my main software of choice is Ableton LiveAND that I teach it everywhere I goAND that it’s my main performance tool.It is, however, no longer a secret to Ableton,AND it’s a great pleasure to be sittin’ on their website alongside of Maestro Townshend.Cuz that simply rocks.Ableton now has a student discount, so students and faculty look that up here.


Interview on Rundgren Radio

Rundgren Radio

Hi all. Tonight, at 9:30 pm, I got a myspace message from Doug at Rundgren Radio asking if I might hop on as a special guest for their radio show. Now first of all, this has been a pretty interesting day with my getting a weird worm on MySpace which sent Paris Hilton videos as comments to ALL of my friends. (I’m so mortified). So when I get this nice message from Doug, I figured it had to be a gift. I’m just composing and recording tonight, so what could be a nicer end to my evening?

Enter Rundgren Radio. I had a great time with hosts Doug and Bill, and callers Dustin and Wendy, both of whom joined us at a few of those shows. It was fantastic to relive my wonderful three-month tour with Todd Rundgren, Joe Jackson, and my old Ethelian band members. For your listening pleasure, click here for the link… If you can take me talking for an hour, that is…


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This post from Techdirt illuminates the possible future of CD-Buying…

and it’s just as I thought and a no-brainer. If we want to use an old outdated method to circulate music, we have to create a reason to actually own the artifact itself. Trent Reznor figured this out. Also not surprising. He sort of gets it in spades. Always has.

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