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I confess.  My former reliability around ‘staying in touch’ has been completely shot to hell.  Well, at least in some ways.  I mean, I do update my facebook status, post a few posts on Twitter nearly daily, however my myspace page hasn’t seen a change in music for awhile, nor have I posted that much on the blog, and my last official newsletter was in JUNE…

In short:  Bad Boy.

But ~  as I’ve sat at my computer working on a new record, my first solo record in fact, and while I’ve been on tour and rehearsing for the many rewarding projects that have continued to consume me, I’ve been watching.  People like my ‘Fretless Bass Virtuoso -Live Looping-House Concerting-Social Media Guru-buddy Steve Lawson, and pop-star (also live-looping colleague Imogen Heap, who’ve found so much work to be done on the Social Media circuit that it’s greatly enhanced their circulation, are posting daily and gathering fans by the minute, and offering compelling, interesting, and useful content. In fact, Steve is even doing consulting for musicians on social media morays!  Music writer Greg Sandow is even on Twitter these days, and it’s one of my favorite ways of keeping up with people around me.

I try to keep it all to a minimum so that I’m getting work done, actually, and my record should be in the can by March 15th because I’m NOT spending all day on the internet.   But as things ramp up here for me again, you’ll be hearing from me more.  But if you’re interested in joining in a little on this record making process, then do join me on twitter .  I’ll maybe post some 140 character soundbites from the record on Soundcloud, even!

I’m looking forward to rejoining the blogosphere a little more firmly, though I must admit the 140 character Tweets have gotten me attached to shorthand.  You may indeed subscribe to this blog, however, and if you leave a comment, I’ll know you’re reading.  If I know you’re reading, I may post more interesting stuff and the barrel may just tumblr over the top!  More interesting things just down the pike, and at the end of my fingers, including music.

I’ll be in New York from March 1st through 5th, performing with Meredith Monk at the Guggenheim Museum, and teaching as well, then back up to the studio to put the finishing touches on the record, and then a very sweet gig with Evan Ziporyn and Steve Gosling playing Stravinsky’s arrangement of his own L’Histoire Du Soldat at Le Poisson Rouge, opening for Charles Spearin of Broken Social Scene and following Jenny Lin’s VERGE Ensemble.   We recorded this tune with Andy Russo a few months ago and had so much fun that we’ve gotta make it a regular thing.  You can bet we’ll have some more experimental and electronical things to throw down as well for the other 25 minutes of our set.   Looping fans won’t be disappointed.

Til the next time, may it be soon.  Pax.


This post from Techdirt illuminates the possible future of CD-Buying…

and it’s just as I thought and a no-brainer. If we want to use an old outdated method to circulate music, we have to create a reason to actually own the artifact itself. Trent Reznor figured this out. Also not surprising. He sort of gets it in spades. Always has.

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