Audio N Video

Outerborough, Todd Reynolds’ debut solo double CD saw its release on March 29th, 2011, with a sold out release event on March 16th.  A press page will be up shortly.  You can buy Outerborough at a number of places, including Amazon, iTunes and from Innova Recordings directly.

Click here for a direct link to see details, and for a direct link to buy the CD

Before you go, however,  do enjoy the very first track off the album, for free!

“Transamerica” from Outerborough, Innova Recordings 741, featuring Kid Beyond

and this:

Zoe Keating and Todd Reynolds at Le Poisson Rouge 6 March 2011 from bob stein on Vimeo.

More Music:

Here’s a live recording of one of my very first looping pieces… from 2000!  Beginner’s Mind

And there’s music on ReverbNation,  plenty of it.

Of course, there’s always My YouTube Channel, there are some fun things up there…

and last, but certainly not least, visit Look for me in the lower right hand corner.

More soon!


6 responses to “Audio N Video

  1. hi there…had a listen to some of you stuff here..very interesting and game me some ideas for ableton use…gona nip over to reverbnation to listen to some more! thanks and all the best…billfiddle

    billfiddle on myspace>/a>

  2. Hi Todd,
    My wife and I were very fortunate to have tickets for your perfromance last night at le Poisson Rouge with Zoe Keating. And we loved your perfomance. We have been fans of Zoe and it was so nice to be introduced to you and your music. I’m hoping now to attend the event in Brooklyn on March 16th. for your new CD. Hope to see you.

    • Hi Robert, what a pleasure that show was for me. Fantastic to meet you and even more happy to hear you might join me for the release party. i’m a big Zoe fan too, so i know whereof you speak, lol. til soon, thanks so much for your comment.

      All best,


  3. Hello, I have only just seen the trailer for the ‘These Birds Walk’ documentary on the Apple site, and it looks like one that I will have to watch. My question here, however, concerns the music track playing during the last minute of the trailer. What is the name of this track, and how can I get a copy of the song? I can’t stop playing it…

    I appreciate your help, and thank-you.

  4. Well, thank you very much, and I look forward to hearing the entire soundtrack.


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