Mixtapes Streams Wednesdays at 3 pm and Thursdays at 7 pm on Q2 Music

Those who follow me on Facebook, or my preferred place of lurking, Google +, will probably also know Q2  the gift of WQXR to all of us who appreciate and thrive on creative, new, fresh music, with great programs, DJs and more. (@q2music on Twitter)

This week I put together a playlist of some of our great composer/performers for Q2’s Mixtape program. Cheers to WQXR’s Hannis Brown for asking me to contribute and for executing stunningly, and thanks to the composers for welcoming the streaming of their work here, some of whom sent me unpublished tracks for posting.  There’s tons of ways to skin this cat we think of as ‘classical music’. We do it here 13 ways to Sunday.

Enjoy, and check out all the great programming Q2 has to offer as well as the other Mixtapes on the series!


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