Zoe Keating and Todd Reynolds at Le Poisson Rouge


(photo – Armen Elliott)

Sunday night, March 6th, 2011, at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City was the scene of an all out musical love fest.  Hosted by Jad Abumrad of RadioLab, and webcast and webchat by our new favorite radio station, Q2, (thanks to Nadia Sirota and Alex Ambrose as well!)   Zoe Keating and I finally got a chance to perform individually and together in two sold out sets back to back.  Both audiences were warm and welcoming, what all performers hope for to be sure, and great thanks to Trevor and Lauren, my special guest artists who made the set brighter by coming up to play with me on the Monome. Total fun.

(Webcast audio link below)

Zoe is a co-conspirator in what was labeled by Q2 the #electrostring movement. We do share so much in common (down to a footpedal and software), and at the same time approach our uses thereof in different, yet complimentary ways.  I’ve never looped with another string artist before, and it was joyfully easy and rewarding to find our way together at the end of both sets as we set out on a short improvisational venture.

My only regret is that we didn’t get still more time to hang and geek out together, but it’s nice to know we’re trekking the same terrain even more than I would have thought.  But I shouldn’t complain, there were the green room conversations, packed with music business conversation and more tech. It’s amazing the positive crosstalk that comes about between  like-minded artists, it just elevates and expands things in the mind, you know?  I had just a mad wonderful time playing and hanging,  hope we do it again soon, and if you’d like to hear it?  Well, there’s that too…

Follow this link to the audio and webchat from Q2.

Zoe on Twitter Jad on Twitter Q2 on Twitter Nadia on Twitter RadioLab on Twitter Le Poisson Rouge on Twitter


One response to “Zoe Keating and Todd Reynolds at Le Poisson Rouge

  1. I was there. Thank you very much, it was absolutely mind blowing. And thanks to my friend Jana who made me know your music.

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