The Cinderella Principle – Robert Moses Kin and an extraordinary pairing with Kid Beyond

I’m out in San Francisco.  That, in itself, is enough, as I love this city.  However, add to that the wonderful collaboration that is going on here, and we have one very happy guy.

Last year I was approached to write a score for Robert Moses Kin, the dance company of choreographer/producer Robert Moses.  I was offered the opportunity to work with a musical collaborator as well, and we got to work.  Kid Beyond, a fellow looper and a fellow Ableton Artist, makes San Francisco his home, and as can happen in the collaborational world, our first rehearsal in December was also our first meeting.  I’ve been wanting to work with Kid Beyond for awhile, though he didn’t know it, and luckily for both of us, here we are, happily entrenched in making music together.

It has now all come together in The Cinderella Principle, Robert Moses’ stunning new work which explores the evolving family, and as many forms as he can find; same-sex adoptions, interracial families all share a collective space in this piece, which, in the end, is about the fundamental human desire to love and to grow love in the most profound terms.  Together with writings from renowned playwright, Anne Galjour, The Cinderella Principle is a series of smaller sections, almost moving tableaux which evoke everything from loneliness to hardened intent, to extreme joy.

The embedded track above is an unfinalized mix from one of my tunes from the show, built greatly from samples of Kid Beyond, and which will be performed live this weekend, on stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, here in San Francisco, February 25th-28th, 8pm.

Click here for tickets

And click here for all the details, including a broader description of The Cinderella Principle


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