Pamela Z and Todd Reynolds at Monkeytown with Luke DuBois

Alright, Folks.   Here’s a special one for ya.

Pamela and I have often performed on the same concerts, or same series, but never ever together.

On August 28th at Monkeytown, we share an evening along with my partner-in-crime, Luke DuBois working his video magic on those multiple screens.  I promise an evening to remember, and it will be my inaugural performance at this remarkable venue.  Please come join us!

Monkeytown serves food.  GOOD food.  This is  perfect date hang for dinner and/or dessert. Festivities begin at 9pm.

Working separately and together, Z and Reynolds/Dubois will surround you with moving images and a sonic frenzy of sampled concrète sounds, voice & processing, and violin & processing. Make reservations early because seating is limited

And here’s a facebook event page to whet your appetite as well.


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