For years I’ve heard of the beauty of Bali, of the art seeping from every pore of every village. I fell in love with the music long ago. not as deeply as many of my friends, but nevertheless, some of its very essence has found its way into my own sensibilities. Evan Ziporyn, one of my most longstanding musical partners, has been traveling here for 30 years, studying the music, learning the language, and becoming part of the cultural life here.

The Campuan Steps to Pentasanan and Rumah Cinta

After these many years of knowing and making music with Evan, it’s a special thing to finally see and hear and experience what he has, and take part in it with him at his invitation. Evan has chosen to mount his first opera here, in Bali. An exploration of Colin McPhee’s famous memoirs, A House in Bali. It will be performed in California in the fall, but for now, one thing at a time, we are HERE for two weeks. Working, playing, relaxing, eating, enjoying.  Friday, the 26th of July, we execute the first performance of this truly extraordinary piece.

This won’t be my last visit, I keep assuring myself. It’s the only way to actually get on a plane to leave. If you’re interested in more information on A House in Bali, there are photos and video documentation of the rehearsals here, or if you’re interested in my personal photo documentation of the trip, please visit my flickr site.

In other news… I really must change this wordpress template, as it’s harder to post and I think to read in this column view, methinks.  Let me know if you think so too. I tend to post less rather than more as a result of it.

The Campuan Steps to Pentasanan and Rumah Cinta

2 responses to “Bali.

  1. hey todd! lovely to read what you are doing and thinking on here.. I agree with the column comment – it is harder to read in a skinny column. Just checking out your photos on flikr! 🙂 Lizzie

  2. Bali is one of the beautiful island on Earth. Bali is unique and original. It’s culture is the breath of this island

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