May 2nd @ The Look and Listen Festival

Todd Reynolds, his laptop, an extraordinary lullaby and some rustling metal on May 2nd at the Gary Snyder/Project Space as part of The Look & Listen Festival.

This annual festival is committed to combining the visual and aural experience of art, bringing both together in a unique combined experience.  I’ve visited before, though not for a long time and am happy to be invited back. I’ll be playing The Solution, in addition to a few other pieces of my own work, and also doing a reprise of Meredith Monk’s gorgeous vocal work, Gotham Lullaby,  an arrangement with So Percussion,  after its first performance at the  Whitney Museum’s Marathon celebration of Meredith Monk’s music earlier this year.

The festival is also committed to dialogue around music and visual art wherein creative artists enjoy the opportunity to share a dialogue, and audience members gain an insider’s view into the creative processes in the visual and musical arts.  This is the definition of a holistic event, to be sure.

The festival spans three days and the full schedule can be found here, as well as a link to reserve and buy tickets.


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