The Todd Reynolds Trio @ Cricket Creek Farm

Northwestern Massachussetts, The Berkshires, Heaven… Whatever you want to call it, it’s where I’ve been calling home for the past 4 years, whoa, how time flies. That’s ‘Winter’ in the picture on the right. Though I’ve never met her, I betcha she’s contributed to my cereal directly. Buy some milk or cheese while you join us at this concert…Farm-fresh food simply rocks.


Jason Ennis, my good guitar-playing friend and colleague has organized this very intimate concert series above the farm store at Cricket Creek Farm. With Jason and my OTHER great friend, double bassist Michael O’Brien from Minnesota/New York, we’ll offer up some really lovely jazz and pop tunes, many of which you’ll know, plus some freeform wanderings.

What is ‘AmboJazz’? Not worth taxing yourself over, it’s always been difficult for me to really come up with a suitable label for this quasi-jazz, quasi-ambient electronic music I play. However, if YOU come up with a label that resonates, I buy you a beer, or in this case, a loaf of farmfresh bread or eggs, or even a pound of beef. Quantum-Ambient is already taken though, perhaps that’ll start ya thinkin’. Suffice it to say that this trio creates an atmosphere that you can feel, along with a musical conversation between us that we enjoy as much as we hope you do, and some rockin’ jazz and funk standards to boot.

Come enjoy the evening with us, won’t you! We’d love to be the soundtrack for your weekend.

Here’s the extra D-Tails from the Cricket Creek website. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Todd Reynolds Trio
— Friday, April 17 8:00PM
Todd Reynolds (, Jascha Heifetz-educated, rock-inspired, classically-informed, post-minimal art-music infused, jazz-damaged, laptop-armed, downright funky violinist – leads a unique trio rounded out by Jason Ennis on Guitar and Michael O’Brien on acoustic bass. Music as friendly as it is interesting, and a musical conversation which will leave you humming melodies you didn’t know you had in your consciousness. Tickets are $15 for adults, $8 for students. Space is limited. Please call 413-458-5888 to reserve a space, or email

For those of you on Facebook, we offer up this event link to you as well.


2 responses to “The Todd Reynolds Trio @ Cricket Creek Farm

  1. post-ambient organic improvised electronica.

    But I’ll have an orange juice. Or coffee 😉


  2. quasi post ambient jazz rock punk retro

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