To California We Shall Go

And we’re off.  I feel fortunate.  Songs of Ascension, Meredith Monk’s new work becomes my focus for the rest of the month as we tour California.

But first, it is my GREAT pleasure to visit the students at Stanford where we’ll offer up the premiere of Songs of Ascension. Wednesday night, the 15th of October, at 9pm, Stanford Lively Arts has invited me to present an hour of music, video, film and conversation spanning my favorite subjects – collaboration, multi-disciplinary work, and technology.

Click here to jump to the link for a few more salient details, and follow up with whatever comes up tomorrow night.  The only thing better than being with smart people, is being with smart people who are a generation younger than you.  It reawakens all sorts of things and always tweaks the brain a little.


2 responses to “To California We Shall Go

  1. You might still be in CA, you might not….have I missed you? Would be a bummer. If so, then hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

  2. Uhm, T? Been there and back, twice. Does the “thing that has no name yet” possibly involve an update or a newsletter? :>)

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