Think about it… When was the last time you sat down next to …

Think about it… When was the last time you sat down next to someone you didn’t know at all, and started up a conversation?  But, like, a REAL conversation, one which you knew would go on for 90 minutes come hell or high water, and would be entirely about ANYTHING which came up?

Alright, now, multiply that by two, so you’ve got four people talking at once, take away the syntactical element of ‘talking’ (which seems to be so very ‘in play’ during this campaign season), get away from the politics and rhetoric, plug into the board, take instruments in hand, and you have a lovely gathering of minds at WBCR Studios in Great Barrington, MA today at 3pm with the details as printed below.

Yours truly is feeling a little under the weather but will happily be making the trip for this extraordinary conversation, and I’m really looking forward to it.  You can join us in real time by tuning in at or at 97.7 fm if you’re in the area!

This week the Splatto Festival (3 PM Friday) is honored to
host a special jazz-improv performance featuring The Splatto
Festival Chorus:

Todd Reynolds (Bang on a Can, Ethel, Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road
Ensemble) violin and laptop
Dave Barrett (Splatter Trio, Banda Elastica) saxophones
Ed Mann (Frank Zappa Band) vibes, percussion, electronics
Michael Bisio (Joe McPhee, Michael Bisio Quartet), bass

Join as as four astounding musicians meet and perform for
the first time, totally free form, for 90 minutes live in
WBCR studios.
Stop by and watch!  Tell everybody!


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