Soldier Songs at Le Poisson Rouge

click image above to go big with it.

I have to give a huge recommendation to this piece I’m conducting tonite and tomorrow at Le Poisson Rouge.  Working with a wonderful creative team including composer David Little, director Yuval Sharon and Producer Beth Morrison, as well as the show’s leading man, David Adam Moore has been a pleasure.  David Little’s band, Newspeak, is rockin’ and the music and theater speak to the depth of what’s ‘behind the curtain’ of the soldier experience.  Perhaps it even speaks to what’s hidden for all of us, an illusion, and a disillusion which has us embrace war as a species, thinking it a necessary evil.  A pick in New York Magazine, among others, this show is one I’m proud to be part of and to support.  Click here for Tickets.

This show might be a sellout on both nights.  To read more about it, you can visit my own newsletter or the site of its producer, Beth Morrison Projects


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