Slow Boys rides again.

The Return of Slow Boys

(from Michael Lowenstern and

Saturday, May 10, 2008 — 8pm & 10pm (THIS Saturday!)
at The Stone
(Corner of Ave C and 2nd St, NYC)

Todd Reynolds and Mike Lowenstern

Slow Boys was formed by Todd Reynolds and Michael Lowenstern (me) in 1990, in the heyday of Eastern Long Island’s fertile hip-hop music production vanguard. Yep, a hip-hop group it was.

Very (very) soon it mutated into an all-out electronica funk techno house avant classical jazz quartet called Portable Electronic Coffee House. That was a hard band to classify, much less book.

Well, fast-forward nearly 20 years, and during the intervening time as Todd and I followed our separate — but always intersecting — paths, we often talked about getting the band back together.

So, we’re getting the band back together. Now.

This show, in two sets, will feature some of the new work Todd and I have been writing together, including the new commission from Meet the Composer that Todd premiered back in March. It’ll also feature some never-performed duo works from my CD Fade and Todd’s new CD-EP.

8pm set – Mike with Todd; electro funk and jazz
10pm set – Todd with Mike: down-tempo and ambient

The cover is $10 for each set, or $25 for both shows which includes a CD from each of us.

Please come down and check it out! We’d love to see you.

Here’s a convenient link to The Stone


7 responses to “Slow Boys rides again.

  1. Todd is that you on the left?

  2. totally… i had hair down to my back til 99, lol


  3. Looks like hairstyle inspired by Eddie Van Halen!!!

  4. at least it’s not inspired by billy ray cyrus! no mullet during this period. lol todd

  5. OMG -forgot it was you and Michael the were Slo Boys… I always pronounced it Slob Oys in my head… What a couple of dudes you were! LOL (not that you aren’t dudes now too!)

  6. as one of the few who booked PECH, I did not think it was all THAT hard. Mind you it was at NYU in the heart of the village, in beginning of the end of the era of avante-garde happenings in that area of NYC (you know, before Kmart and Starbucks and all that…) I listen to the demo tapes (yes, I said tapes) from time to time, albeit they have been transcoded to mp3 files.

    Anything new happening with you and Maestro Earspasm?

    • Gerard! I remember that gig so well.

      Slow Boys is active, though not as active as we’d both like, methinks… We should send you some new stuff. Where are you and what are YOU up to?

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