February Newsletter is OUT

A little late, I acknowledge, but Happy Valentine’s Day!

What, you didn’t get it?  Are you not subscribed? Well, you are now if you clicked.  If you’d like to see this one for real,…well, okay… here it is…


5 responses to “February Newsletter is OUT

  1. Todd Reynolds, as I live and breathe!
    I always wondered what happened to that guy from Wedekind’s Shakepeare class…I am guessing that you went to Rolling Hills High for a spell–and are the Todd Reynolds that helped me so much 🙂 Isn’t it weird what we remember??
    So I want to get my kids started muscially–Suzuki? What sayest thou?
    All the best,

  2. Todd-I guess this is RHHS/Wedekind’s Shakespeare class old-home week. I thought I had heard you would be in the Bay Area with The Books, and was looking for further info when I ran across Carolyn’s post.

    Sorry I missed you last time we were in NY. We’ll be back in June for my daughter to tour Columbia, NYU and Hopkins. (Yes, I have a daughter that age -wrap your mind around that!). Maybe we’ll catch up with you then or in SF. Kim (Cretcher) Weber

  3. Hey Kim, that’s all fantastic!

    I’ll be in Minneapolis from June 2nd thru 15th, I’m hoping you might be here AFTER that… Please do send me some pics, some news of you… or a facebook link, or myspace, whatever.. and subscribe to my newsletter, upper right, and the blog so that we WILL know when I’m in the bay area next… LOL would love to see you.

    all best to you, T. oh, I reMEMber Wedekind.. with such fondness..

  4. Is this comment from the Kim Cretcher that I knew at RHHS? Flute player?

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