IUPUI – Still Life with Microphone – IUPUI

IUPUI – This almost palindromic acronym stands for … Indiana University – Purdue University at Indianapolis, and Still Life with Microphone lands there in residence this week starting on February 5th.

Click here for a full schedule and webstream links.  You can be here too!

Here’s the extended scoop:

Indiana University School of Music at IUPUI offers graduate programs in both Music Technology and Music Therapy, and is closely connected with The Donald Tavel Arts Technology Research Center at IUPUI. Its mission statement carries a mandate to enrich the community through Technology, but there seem to be mission statements all over their website, including this one which lead not only to the hiring of our host, Scott Deal, but subsequently to our residency with the music department:

“The Donald Tavel Arts and Technology Center explores frontiers of music-related, multimedia and cross-disciplinary networked projects. Within these parameters, the work of the center extends into fine arts, education, health sciences, business, and computer science. As Tavel Center associates collaborate with researchers in these areas, new modes of creative thought, healing and expression emerge.”

So… Three cheers for this institution, and especially for this music department. We’ll feel right at home as we visit with like-minded folk. The nearly week-long residency includes workshops in Ableton Live, Max/MSP/Jitter, and “Todd and Luke” forums on Multimedia Performance, culminating with an evening performance of Still Life with Microphone, featuring the digitized violin music of Todd Reynolds, and Luke Dubois’ inimitable blend of audio driven film and live graphic animation.


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