Étretat, and a reminder of my old SLR.


I used to take pictures… like, I really wanted to be a good photographer, like, when I was 18. My parents took me on my first tour to Europe in 1980, and somehow I had enough money saved up to buy a nice Nikon SLR, my first. Who knows from model numbers back then, but I loved it. On our first trip, I shot 21 rolls of 36 exposures which still exist as some nice slides back home.

Two years later, my camera was lifted, one way or another, and I’ve been limping along on point ‘n’ shoots ever since. Until now.

A Pentax K10D from B &H has been a great choice for me to recut my teeth, and I’m lovin’ it. France was an excellent opportunity to reawaken the eyes – I’m so used to focusing on audio that it’s really nice to focus on an image for a change… There are plenty of photos on my own flickr site, but even more importantly, we decided to start a photo pool to collect everyone’s photos, so if you like, you can see exponential amounts of photographic accounts of the tour. Link below.



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