Steve Reich and The Cave are touring France.

Caen, France

Here begins the blogging of 10 days of Butter-filled, Pastry-laden music-making in France, but a week late… so read this like it was november 10th, okay? and I won’t bore you with 10 blog entries either, since I’m so late… but hey, we were BUSY..

“We arrived today via Air France on a completely uneventful flight, thank god, and we’re rehearsing already. This is Alan Pierson’s (Alarm Will Sound) first time conducting the band, and he’s already taking grief from the usual suspects (read: me), but every 2 and 4 and 3 and 9/8 is in place. Not a big surprise, but a huge welcome.

In food news, our first meal at Cafe Iranien across the street from the hotel was scrumptious, a moussaka both meat-filled and vegetarian, and some wonderful fresh mint tea. We’ll be headin’ back after the 3rd act which will probably bring us to 11 pm. Tomorrow morning is off, plenty of time for me to head out for a LONG walk with my camera… which I reckon I’ll be doin’ EVERY day. ” (and I did too)


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