The Stone (and review of Claudia Quintet as well)

So great to see all of you at The Stone! What a great little pre-birthday celebration, thanks to Michael Lowenstern, Luke DuBois, and especially Iva Bittova for coming out to play in my little sandbox. Forgot, of course, to record it, and to put my mailing list out, so do sign up on my normal website or the myspace page to be included in upcoming mailings. Today’s “website update day”, and “fall season reflection day”, so much comin’ atcha today and tomorrow.

Darcy James Argue wrote us up on his blog (which I heartily recommend staying in touch with ANYway), and you can view that post right here. You also get to read what you missed with John Hollenbeck’s Claudia Quintet. (which, sadly, I missed too with too much gear to schlep)

Next time we see you in the city is toward the very end of September with Dhafer Youssef, but more about that in another post… That’s it for the 8th. Thanks for a great first night at The Stone, my good friends.


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