Summer’s almost over. Here’s to a little vacating and a few end of season gigs.

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Hey all,

Just finished a newsletter and sent it out… if you’re not on the list, you can always see the newsletter here .

Also just returned from a wonderful vacation in the cool hills of Arizona, visiting towns like Payson, Sedona, flying in and out of Phoenix, where walking out of a store means walking into a Brick Oven, and melting like cheese on a Pizza.

By the way, speaking of cheese… D o N O T try Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos, the new product from Frito-Lay. You’ll wish you had a crack-addiction instead. SERIOUSLY. They’re that good.

Anyway, after the jump, details on two gigs coming up on August 30th and Sept. 8th

Todd Reynolds for the first time at The Stone,

together with Michael Lowenstern, Luke DuBois, a very special surprise violinist/vocalist/composer, and all new material. 8PM

is located at
the corner of
avenue C and 2nd street

students 13 to 19
admitted half price
children 12 and under free

there are no
advance ticket sales
all admissions are at the door
prior to each performance

Also, in the Berkshires

Todd with Los Mofos (aka the Jason Ennis Trio)

playing lots of jazz, Brazilian and funk from the heart

Jason Ennis, Guitar
Jon Suters. Bass
Conor Meehan drums

Thursday, August 30 9PM-midnight
At Spice
297 North Street, Pittsfield, MA 413.443.1234



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