An evening with The Books, Bowery Ballroom, July 7th

The Books with Todd Reynolds and Rich RemsbergThe Books

July 7, 2007, The Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey Street, New York, NY

Doors at 8:30, Tickets available at the door and via Ticket Web.

A HUGE surprise for all of us as The Books rang me up to say that they’re doing a very sudden show at The Bowery Ballroom on July 7th. Both I and Rich Remsberg will do opening sets of our own material, then I will join The Books for their set with some new material that we haven’t done together yet like 8Frame and Owl With Knees. For my set, expect a lot of Live Looping as usual, and a few favorites, including Requiem, Icy Sleeves of Green, and Outerborough, together with its film of the same name by Bill Morrison, of Decasia fame.

Rich Remsberg is a wonderful archival image researcher for PBS and other documentarians, who will offer up an opening set called Common Pictures, a slideshow exhibition of found photography, unveiling an unintended power and poignancy in the casual images of everyday life. A short but compelling description follows:

“With the seasoned eye of a documentary photographer, this artist has spent twenty-five years sifting through tens of thousands of orphaned snapshots at junk shops, flea markets, and antique stores to find amateur photos that have accidentally complex compositions and other formal qualities that make them far more sophisticated than they were intended to be. This assembled collection creates a compelling portrait of the American psyche, at once dark and hopeful and always haunting.”

I’ve been hankering to do a show in New York with my good colleagues The Books, after having toured so much together around the country, and now we will! If you’re in town, I hope you’ll consider joining us. Click here to get your tix now

.Rich Remsberg’s Common Sense


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