Focus :: NIME 2007 :: Luke DuBois and Dan Trueman

Luke DuBois:

If you’ve been with us long, you know Luke’s name. In the most recent incarnation of Still Life with Microphone :: A View From the Microscope, Luke has taken such a central role that the piece has become a symbiotic collaboration between the two of us. I love working with Luke. He is the perfect blend of musician, visual artist, and programming genius, and overall one of the best collaborators I’ve encountered, full of depth and concept. If you’ve seen us work together, you know how technologically transparent his contribution is, not to mention beautiful. Luke’s primary tool is a software package called Jitter, by Cycling 74, a program which he had a pretty large hand in writing. This month, C74 did released a video on their site where Luke explains what he’s about and how that program gives him immediate access to film and live video interactive expression. Click here to watch the video, then come see us together at NIME (info above)

Dan Trueman:

Alright, now you tell me who has the chutzpah to form a Laptop Orchestra at Princeton University, and call it PLOrk! It’s this guy. I’ve been a longtime admirer of Dan’s. Few people I know have spent so much time, effort and brainpower on turning the violin into a sensor driven, computer-enhanced monster. A fantastic composer who’s interest in Swedish Hardanger Fiddle informs his approach to both rhythm and sonority, Dan has written for NIME LassoCorral, a composition driven by four separate yet synchronized audible click tracks which slow down and speed up bringing into view a new way of seeing and feeling pulse. I’ve long wanted to do something with Dan, and this commission marks the first.

In most recent news, Luke spent last semester as composer-in-residence with PLOrk, and Dan’s new band, QQQ is quickly lighting up the pavement as it takes off.

It’s all happening at NIMEluke-copy-copy.jpgdan_hardanger-copy.jpg


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