Cornelia St. Cafe with Radio Wonderland, Composer’s Collaborative, and 4fiveVI

I hadn’t been back to Cornelia Street Café for ages, so it was the cause for much celebratizing this month… Joshua Fried and I have found new love in working together inside his Radio Wonderland Project. Even did a little recording the next week!

The event was presented by Celia Cooke and Jed Distler’s Composers Collaborative, who are hosting a huge performance of Terry Riley’s In C next month, even closing off the street for 100 or more people. If you’ve never heard the piece, or played in this history-making composition, perhaps now’s the time! If you think it might be something in which you’d enjoy participating, please email Celia here.

I had a great time performing the next week at CSC with Bohdan Hilash and 4fiveVI, which is comprised of some of my favorite improvising musicians from The Walter Thompson Orchestra. It was SO much fun, in fact, that I ended up joining all my old pals of The Walter Thompson Orchestra at the Bowery Poetry Club the next night for a gigantor reunion of that spectacular band led by The Man himself. Saw so many old friends, made some new ones, and as always, the artistic experience was as good as my favorite sushi. (can you really say that?)eeye.jpg


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