Still Life With Mic @ The Southern Theater, MN

Luke and I are about to go onstage for the second night of Still Life With Microphone :: A View from the Microscope. Last night was the unveiling of the latest installation of Still Life, commissioned by the Southern Theater and the Jerome Foundation for Electric Eyes, the new festival of electronically inspired art here in Minneapolis. Do check out the details here.

For those of you who were in attendance and are visiting for the first time, welcome to the site, the URL’s and credits  are included below in exactly the format that made’em crawl…

0, still life with microphone: a view from the microscope has been brought
to you by;
3, the jerome foundation and the southern theater.;
6, a few details we’d like you to know:;
9, if you’ve been thinking of an ice cream truck and can’t stop;
12, it’s not just in your head:;
15, rock droppings courtesy of the negative space of the new york public
18, rocks thrown by paul de jong. paul appears courtesy of the books:;
24, crosstown traffic: a fifteen-minute stretch of the jimi hendrix
28, commissioned for vbrooklyn 2006:;
29, archival footage provided by rick prelinger:;
31, the bit where todd was babbling in hexadecimal was not entirely
37, todd smoked his last cigarette on may 11th 1999 at 3:30 in the
afternoon. no joke.;
39, don’t worry. you don’t have to remember all of that.;
40, you can find it all at;
43, thank you to: the crew at the southern\, mary ellen childs\, the
jerome foundation\, the southern theater\,;
44, doug geers\, and the electronic music studios at the university of
52, we’d love for you to join our mailing list. please sign up in the
lobby so we can keep in touch.;
57, all things todd reynolds:;
60, some stuff by r. luke dubois:;
63, hang out with michael o’brien:;


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