End of Tour

Pics of tour on the flickr links to the right, but…

the last show in seattle was a BLAST., and the audiences in every city were amazing… Thank you all for your generosity and your listening… A warmer welcome on my first time solo to some of these cities would not be possible.  EP’s flew off the table, sold out one show ahead of the end. The Books’ DVD’s also are going like hotcakes, but thankfully you can order them, along with Oven Mitts and Posters off their site. The Books have gone on to Minnesota and Chicago and New York, we’ll hook up again in a week in Massachussetts in a few days. Pictured below, Nick with a really wonderful hand-painted sign from a fan. I forget where we picked it up, but we celebrated it and carried it all over the nation. It says…

well, I made it big enough so that you can read it.

Watch The Books

Rather Watch The Books


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