1/2way through, we say goodbye to the East Coast

On to Austin today, then to Malibu.  Met some absolutely wonderful folks in Atlanta last night.  Little Five Points is a street with great african stores and used and vintage clothing and great barbequed chicken right on the street.    A great audience at the Variety Playhouse treated Nick and Paul and myself royally.. Had a short conversation with Victor Wooten this morning before leaving.  He and his band follow us in Atlanta tonight.  To all you who came up and spoke with me personally  last night, great to meet you!  t.


2 responses to “1/2way through, we say goodbye to the East Coast

  1. Just wanted to leave a note that you played an amazing set at Neumos here in Seattle. Thank you!

    Hope to see you play again soon and hope you’re father had a great birthday as well!

    I’m also very curious about the film you mentioned, “Academy” I believe? Where can I find more info about this?

  2. hey joey,

    the blog site is new enough that I didn’t see your comment until just now…

    Academy is by Luke DuBois, and you can find more info about it on his site, under ‘things to see’


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