Welcome to My Evolving Cyber-Presence Collection

I’m trying desperately to get some code together here before I head out on the road.  This is my first attempt.  This should take a few different incarnations before it settles down into something we can live with for awhile.  That’s North Adams in the header, taken only a week ago.  Home for the Bang on a Can Summer Institute and Todd Reynolds it is, and my home base for now. This is a blog, so you can comment, and I hope you do!  Be well, keep rockin’, play loud, play often.  And enjoy life, it’s too short to begin with.


5 responses to “Welcome to My Evolving Cyber-Presence Collection

  1. give us an update man!!

  2. sorry, sw…

    update given… hope to be much more active. just back on my pooter after a few days… lot in the pipeline… t

  3. pooter?
    lots in the pipeline?

    you need a colonic or something?


  4. I think this is a great and very informative page, but what else would you get from Todd?? Of course, I MAY be a little biased……

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